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About us

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I'm Kelly, an entrepreneur, mom, interior designer, photography student, cappuccino addict and founder of La Fabrika.
A born-and-raised Antwerp girl, who moved to Brussels for love.  For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to create.

The idea of opening up my own shop first crossed my mind when I was, while travelling for work, sitting on a train in Switzerland. As little as one year later and without too much hesitation, but with shaky hands, I took the leap and signed a lease for a commercial space. Best decision ever!

End 2010, I opened the doors of La Fabrika. The building is located in the lively Dansaert district in the heart of Brussels and its 250m2 showroom extended across two floors. When you visit, make sure to go downstairs in the back, since most of the items are displayed there!

Starting from scratch, with a very limited budget but tons of motivation and determination, the few suppliers quickly grew over the years. La Fabrika started as a small team of one, then two, and now we have almost a half soccer team!

You can describe La Fabrika’s signature style as simple, welcoming, no-nonsense and we are definitely not afraid to add a splash of colour.

I'm extremely selective about the brands we work with and only partner with companies that are a natural fit for La Fabrika.  All products together form a whole in style and intention.   We regularly receive new itemsso you can imagine, when unpacking the new stuff, it feels like X-mas every time again!

We put a lot of effort and pleasure into the styling of our showroom, not only to inspire you but we also use it as our playground.  It’s a place where we can experiment and mix & match colours, materials and fabrics.  Each day we try harder, get better and learn. After all, interior design is no rocket science!

One of the things I’m often asked is “why the name La Fabrika?”

And no, we do not make everything ourselves ;-)

I first heard ‘fabbrica’ when I lived in Milan. It’s a pizza place, and those who know me, know I love food :-)   The name has a expresses creativity and an evolving idea and when brainstorming for a name for the shop I thought it described my vision really well.  Also, it captures really well the atmosphere of our shop – we are always busy, sharing ideas, styling our showroom, and trying to inspire our clients. La Fabrika, (with a ‘k’ for Kelly ;)) became the official name of my shop and it all started from there.

We are a design store, webshop and creative studio

I’m not a fan of the word ‘concept store’,  but La Fabrika is more dan just an interior design store.   Since the opening we hosted events (OK Design Talk, Daily Fiction launch, Cheese & Wine,…) , invited renowned designers (Donna Wilson, Konstantin Grcic, Mae Engelgeer, …) curated and hosted exhibitions (What the Helsinki!, Sami Knife,…).  We are always on the lookout for collaborations, partnerships and new ideas. So there is much more to come in the future!

Here on the La Fabrika webshop we focus on a selection of the collections we carry and where we hope to inspire you with our stories.  It’s an online journal were you can dream, select & enjoy! (=tagline)

If you are curious of our ‘daily’ live and want to get to know us better, I’ld love to be connected and show you more on our Instagram and Facebook page.

As a trained interior designer, it was a natural evolution to launch La Fabrika Studio.  
In a nutshell, La Fabrika Studio provides an A-to-Z service from drawing up the plans to coordinating every detail that contributes to the successful completion of your project.  Whether for your home, office, restaurant or even hotel, with our wide range of the best furniture & lighting collections around, a close cooperation with strongly qualified craftsmen and our passion for interior design we always aim our work to be of the highest quality.

Every customer is unique, as is every project

Whether you’re looking for a gift, some inspiration or a complete make-over of your space, we’re here to help you.

Don’t expect perfect polish, our approach is very simple and easy going.  What you can expect is that we consider every request as a challenge.  Each time, we start with a clean slate and it’s our devotion/commitment to obtain a different and unique / the very best result that suits the customer and its space, (reflecting the La Fabrika style)

I have a commitment to creativity, passion, and entrepreneurship but hope our / La Fabrika’s success lies at keeping the customer at the heart of everything we do!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m excited to hear from you / work with you!