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Until August 31 2019 you will receive a voucher worth 500 € * with a purchase of a vitra sofa!


More than any other type of furniture, a sofa sets the tone in your interior. Vitra makes it easy to choose the right sofa. The Vitra Home Collection offers such distinctive styles, typologies and functional features that you will intuitively know which sofa suits you.

Each Vitra sofa is available in a wide range of fabrics and plenty of colours. Choose from neutral or dramatic hues, pastel shades or elegant dark tones. Explore all about it in Vitra Sofa Magazine (click here for the NL version  or FR version).

An overview of all the Vitra sofa's you'll find here


Come to the shop or contact us for more info! 

* the voucher is valid for 6 months after the purchase of the Vitra sofa and can only be exchanges in our store. The voucher is valid only for the purchase of Vitra products and cannot be used for the purchase of the sofa itself.  The voucher cannot be combined with other promotions.