How to add (a splash of) colour to your interior?

Colour it in!

At La Fabrika, we just loooove colour! 

Colour is one of the main tools you can use to create a certain atmosphere in your interior, and has a defining role in how we experience a room. The choice of colour has an impact on all other interior decisions, and can really make a difference. That’s why many people are a bit hesitant when it comes to colour, not knowing what to pick or how to combine. People often play it safe, afraid they’ll get tired of the chosen shade. However, we’re convinced the right choice of colour will never get outdated! Why? Because colour conveys so much personality and meaning, adds dynamism and power, and because colour has to power to make you happy!

Want to get creative with colour? Kelly shares some tips and tricks!


Think of the lighting in your space, both natural and artificial. We can see colour because of white light. If there’s no light, there are no colours. If there’s light in a different shade - yellowish, for example - all colours will look differently. That’s why the paint on your walls will look different during the day than in the evening. The type of lightbulbs, or colour temperature, also makes a difference. When picking colours, make sure to check your samples at different times of the day, and don’t make your choice when the lighting is bad!  



If you don’t know which colours to combine, or which shades work together, you can have a look around. Look at images that inspire you, on Pinterest for example, and ask yourself why you like them. You can also look at an inspiring painting or artwork, or look at nature! Observe, analyze, and map which colours that are being used. Discern how many different shades come together, and how they relate to each other. 


Striking the right balance between different colours can really make or break your colour scheme! For example, you might feel like your cushions in the sofa stand out too much and are too much in contrast with the rest of your interior? Don’t put them back in the cupboard again, but add more colour! By adding more of the same nuances, the impact is softened and the contrast between your cushions and the sofa will feel a lot less harsh. 


Starter kit colours

Some colours are more easily combined than others. Personally, I really like working with blue and green. They fit with almost all other colours! If you want to play it safe, opt for saturated or muted tones. The soft greyish undertone of these colours make them easier to combine. A ‘dusty rose’ shade, for example, is a very nice colour to add to your interior. This pale soft shade is easy on the eye, and forms a nice backdrop for bolder shades or other softer colours. 


Think outside the box, experiment! 

We have the tendency to make safe choices. But aiming for ‘timelessness’, is not the same as making boring choices! Think beyond grey, beige and white, and add a few more bolder choices to the mix. If you’re thinking of painting the walls, why not give the ceiling the same update? A simple idea, with a big impact: cosy, but with a little bit of edge. Don’t limit your use of colours only for the walls, furniture can join in on the fun too! Why not go for a sofa in a bold, bright hue? This will immediately change your whole room, creating an entirely different atmosphere. And no worries, we promise you won’t get bored! 


Need some help? 

Do you need help with the use of color in your home? Are you having trouble combining colours and materials? We happily work out a personal colour scheme!  Check our 'Colour Advice' package here