How to choose the perfect cushions for your sofa?

Find out how to transform your sofa with the right cushions. Kelly shares her styling tips to find the ideal combination of shapes, sizes, colours, textures and designs. Read on and give your sofa a fresh and inviting look with beautifully styled cushions.

Variation in shapes and sizes

Bring visual interest and balance to your sofa by choosing different shapes and sizes of cushions. For example, combine square cushions with rectangular or round cushions for a playful and dynamic look.


Mix colours, textures and designs

Make your sofa exciting and unique by mixing different colours, textures and designs. Choose complementary colours or create contrast with contrasting shades. Also play with textures, such as soft velvety fabrics, knitted cushions and smooth silk materials. Also dare to experiment with various designs, such as stripes, geometric patterns or floral prints.

Uneven number of cushions

For a balanced and visually appealing result, an uneven number of cushions works best. For example, place three, five or seven cushions on your sofa. This creates a dynamic and harmonious effect.


These styling tips will help you select the perfect cushions for your sofa. By playing with shapes, sizes, colours, textures and designs, you will create an inviting and personalised look. Dare to experiment and unleash your creativity to create a beautifully styled sofa you can enjoy every day.

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