How to smartphone photography?

Once you have that pinterest-perfect interior styling done, you need nice pictures!
As a passionate (amateur) photographer, Kelly shares some tips & tricks to upgrade your smartphone game. Perfect to practice during the upcoming holidays! ;)

Light = everything

Make sure you have plenty of daylight, and avoid direct yellow-ish lamp light. When making portraits, make sure the sun’s coming from behind, and not shining in the eyes of your subject ;)


Lines = straight

Seems too easy, but make sure your horizon and vertical lines (like houses) are running straight. You don’t want to feel seasick!


Think about the golden ratio

As in interior design, think about your setting. Your subject doesn’t always have to be in the centre, but sometimes even works better when placed in a corner or slightly below the middle line.  


Have fun!

Experiment, make a lot of shots, try a different angle, ... it’s all about the process ;)