Quality design matters

I appreciate design with a story

Why? Because we’re flooded with choices nowadays. So why not choose consciously and invest in quality? As Artek beautifully puts it, "One Chair is Enough." A well-designed and crafted piece should last a lifetime.


A few weeks ago...

I went on an inspiration trip to Finland. You might not immediately think of design when you think of Finland, but the country has a rich design tradition. Take Iittala, known for its glass and ceramic products, or Marimekko, famous for its iconic poppy prints. And then there's Artek, the design brand founded in 1935 by Alvar and Aino Aalto.


Alvar Aalto has truly left his mark on Finnish design

He was both an architect and a furniture designer, known for his use of natural materials, organic forms, and a focus on functionality. You see his furniture, lamps, and textile designs everywhere in Finland. It’s clear that Aalto has left a lasting impact. His designs are thoughtful, sustainable, and functional.


We visited...

the Aalto House and Studio, the Artek Flagship Store, and the 2nd Cycle Store. The Artek factory in Turku and the Paimio Sanatorium were also on our itinerary, all surrounded by beautiful Finnish pine forests under a bright blue sky. And yes, I even got to relax in a real Finnish sauna on Lonna Island.


Are you also impressed by Aalto’s designs and Finnish craftsmanship?

Be sure to visit La Fabrika showroom or webshop, where we showcase some stunning Artek items!


Love, Kelly