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Spray a little bit of nature in your house. Natural fragrances create a wonderful atmosphere in your home and have a positive effect on your mood.

Natural Room Spray is a 100% natural home fragrance based on premium essential oils, which allows you to give every corner of your home its own perfect scent. Choose the right fragrance for each room and arrange the bottles all around your house. There are more than 20 different essential oils to choose from in the Aromatherapy Essentials collection. Each oil has its own benefits and strengths. It’s easy to refill empty bottles yourself using a small funnel and a pipette to add your favourite RainPharma essential oil and some RainPharma Natural Room Spray Liquid. Use 5 % or 10 % of essential oil depending on how strong you would like the fragrance to be.

A couple of sprays is enough to give a room the right feeling or to quickly remove unpleasant odours. Natural Room Spray is also a safe way to add perfume to your pillowcase or other textiles.

50 ml

Plant-based. No nasties.
Alcohol (denat.), propanediol, essential oil. 

Bonjour: Bonjour gives you an instant energy boost. With its powerful aniseed aroma, this rich mix of essential oils treats you to an invigorating natural scent sensation. A great pick-me-up! 
Bonsoir: Bonsoir helps you to restore your balance at the end of a busy day. Immerse yourself in the soothing floral scent of this rich mix of essential oils for a beautifully luxurious rest. Perfect for complete relaxation before bed! 
Lavender: The scent of blooming lavender flowers takes you straight to Provence. This sweet herbal oil with woody and floral undertones brings harmony and balance to your body and energy levels. Lavender is ideal for the bedroom since the fragrance can work both to calm and to stimulate. Spray a little bit of lavender on your pillowcase. You’re sure to get a great night’s sleep. 
Lemongrass: Lemongrass takes you on a tropical journey. This super fresh, citrussy perfume with a bitter undertone is energising and clarifies your thoughts. Perfect when you’re working overtime or when you have a long meeting or car journey ahead of you. Lemongrass is indispensable in the kitchen and bathroom too though: the fresh fragrance immediately neutralises unpleasant odours.
Rosemary: Rosemary has a woody and minty fragrance. This powerful herbal oil is the perfect way to start the day thanks to its invigorating and revitalising effect. Rosemary stimulates the brain and clarifies your thoughts, the ideal scent for an office or study. 
Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus immerses you in a world of wellness. The fresh, sharp and camphor-like scent has a purifying and cooling effect and freshens the air in your house. You’ll feel like you can breathe freely again, as if you’ve been in the steam room at a spa. 

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