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You’re going to build a new house, or start a big renovation, how exciting! Or maybe you just want a full refresh or the home you live in now? 

Whatever the (big) plans, the process can be overwhelming. You will spend a large amount of money, so you want to make sure you make the right decisions, that will last a lifetime. Kelly and her team are here to help! We will guide you through the process, helping you make conscious choices that also fit with who you are. You’re going for quality, a certain timelessness, but without being boring. Almost everyone has at least a few precious items or furniture pieces that they want to keep, which we take into account as well. 

Sounds like a dream? In that case, ‘Total Concept’ is your ideal package! 

With this package, we give you a full-service approach: a complete and practical plan for colours, materials and lighting. Which seating elements, accessories and window coverings can be used? How can you create a personal atmosphere using particular colours, wallpapers, an eye-catching print or the right accessories? Good lighting and elegant fixtures also contribute to the final result. With this global approach, we make both the process and the end result tangible for you. 

What you give: 

• A floor plan with accurate dimensions
• Listing and dimensions of all your furniture you want to keep

What you get: 

• Kick-off meeting 
• 2D floor plan, to scale
• Colour advice
• Moodboard
• Furniture, lighting and accessories suggestions
• Proposal for up to 3 rooms, max. 100 m2

Shipping costs & returns

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