From attic to zen

Attic Renovation Design

Rijmenam, 2024

For over two decades, Greet Boonen has cherished life with her daughters, Fien and Lise, in the green surroundings of Rijmenam. A long-held vision lingered in her mind: repurposing the attic from a storage space into a light-filled studio that merged with the treetops, embodying both the tranquility of a luxury guest suite and the cosiness of a home office.

"Our aim was to mimic the gentle touch of nature through our choice of materials and subtile yet colourful palette” - Kelly


The wooden floors and cabinetry...

in harmony with green and blue hues, transform the studio into a space that's both inviting and refined.  The combination of green and blue creates a calm, yet bold atmosphere. It's a place where everyone immediately feels at home.

The contrasting combination of light wooden floors and dark wooden furniture...

introduces a visually pleasing tension to the space. The kitchen, positioned in its own corner of the open space, offers an enchanting view of the treetops. Copper-coloured fixtures add a warm, inviting glow.


A dark blue wall...

visually separates the sleeping and bathroom areas from the rest of the studio, delineating the various functions in a clear yet stylish manner.


In the bathroom...

the green, matte mortex and glossy tiles provide a refreshing surprise, giving the space a distinctive character that radiates both freshness and luxury.


"The combo of green and blue gives tranquillity, yet is bold. It's a place where everyone immediately feels at home. My favourite corner is the shower with RainPharma products (Greet is CEO RainPharma). 100% wow, 0% stress!" - Greet