Kelly's home!

As the founder of La Fabrika, Kelly's home is a lively display of the La Fabrika identity, blending bold colours with welcoming warmth. She and her son Leon settled into the ground floor duplex in Jette (Brussels) in the summer of 2022. It was pretty much ready to live in from the get-go, but Kelly being Kelly, she had to put her own spin on it. Even though the apartment was move-in ready, she made quite a few changes to really make it feel like her home. For her, it's all about making a space that's not just beautiful, but also feels like a warm, personal sanctuary.

Let’s take a tour!

The apartment is housed in a typical Brussels building that encapsulates a blend of historical charm and modern convenience, reflecting the city's rich architectural heritage and cosmopolitan lifestyle. The place features classic elements such as high ceilings, ornate mouldings, and large windows that fill the spaces with natural light.

Photo by @geertvandevelde / @The Fresh Light

In designing this living space...

the choice was made to go with a dark wooden floor as a sort of neutral backdrop that really makes the other colours in the room pop. There was a pretty intentional move to pick a darker shade for the floor because it just gives off this warm vibe and adds a ton of character to the place. The existing doors were retained but were given a fresh look with a coat of white high-gloss paint.

Photos by @The Fresh Light

In the living area...

the emerald green ceiling just steals the show.  The idea was to treat the ceiling like it’s just another wall that needed a splash of colour. And that paint job? It does more than just show off the beautiful mouldings; it injects a unique vibe into the space.
 Green, particularly in that vibrant emerald hue (In The Woods KC16 / Shade), is Kelly’s favourite to bring an extra dash of flair, elevating the aesthetic with its lively energy.

Photo by @The Fresh Light

As for the walls in both the living and dining room...

they're painted in soft lilac (Liliac Of Course KC10 / Shade) and light blue (Surfers Blue KC13 / Shade). These hues are the perfect counterbalance to the ceiling's boldness, keeping the vibe of the room balanced and inviting. At first glance, lilac and light blue might seem to blend into one, but as the day rolls on, the light reveals their unique charm. This ever-changing play of colours keeps things interesting, adding a layer of depth and intrigue to the overall design.

Photos by @The Fresh Light

The kitchen...

hasn't been updated yet and remains white, a choice Kelly wouldn't normally make for herself. To give the kitchen a bit of a makeover and help it better match the rest of her space, she decided to paint the backsplash in a soft pink (Kelly Says KC05 / Shade).

Photo by @The Fresh Light

A newly installed staircase...

to the bedrooms on the lower level  was painted in a rich Bordeaux red (Toasty ES23), setting a bold contrast against the light pink walls. When the lights are on in the stairwell in the evening, it casts a pink glow that shines into the kitchen, giving the white cabinets a tint of colour.

Photos by @The Fresh Light

The master bedroom...

has got its own vibe going on. It's all about cosiness here, which is why there's wall-to-wall carpeting – think warm toes and snug evenings. The whole room is green: walls & ceiling (
Evergreen ES18/ Shade), and carpet. It's like stepping into a little cocoon with some serious hotel room feels. Plus, the view out to the garden just pumps up all that green goodness. And the curtains? Went for something with a fun, colourful print to mix it up a bit. Really pops against the green!

Photos by @The Fresh Light

Leon's space...

is all about being cool. The wall behind his bed got a splash of deep blue (
Happy Turtle ES30 / Shade) , making it stand out. The wooden floor keeps on going in here, making it a great spot for all his toys and games. Kept the rest of the room painted white on purpose – it's like a blank slate so Leon can do whatever he wants with it.

Photo by @geertvandevelde / @lucroymans

The house features two bathrooms, one for Leon and one for Kelly, each with its unique style, colours, and materials.

Leon’s Bathroom

The mix of dark green wall tiles and the warm ochre yellow ceiling (
Pollen ES44 / Shade) really brings a burst of energy to the bathroom. Yellow and green are vibrant colours. When you put them together, they create a super energetic vibe, perfect for kick-starting your day!

Photo by @The Fresh Light

Kelly’s Bathroom

The shower's pink mortex walls give off a cozy, warm feel. The floor tiles have a quirky design that adds a playful touch to the space. A dark pink (
Antwerp Lover KC06 / Shade) alcove adds a sense of snugness, while the walls are painted in a soft pink (Kelly Says KC05 / Shade). So, it's an all-pink bathroom that feels both chic and comforting.

Photos by @The Fresh Light