Creating a warm nest away from home.
This was Melissa's wish for her sunny flat in Brussels. We went from an all black & white kitchen to a welcoming mix of colour & materials!

After working internationally, in Singapore among other places, expat Melissa returned to Bussels and decided to stay here for a longer period of time.  Less travelling for work, more settling down, which came together with the urge of a new place to live.  Definitely a new stage in Melissa’s life!  

The apartment she bought has a lot of natural light, is spacious yet cosy.  However she felt the spaces could be maximised, reflect more her personality and bring out the atmosphere

“I felt Kelly understood the emotion behind it, and why this project and next step in my life was important for me”


The layout

The layout of the kitchen was redefined and the little breakfast nook underlines the versatility of the rather small space.

We went for a welcoming mix of materials, textures and colours. The old pink colour for the cabinet doors in combination with the soft grey terrazzo countertop and shiny backsplash tiles elevate the space instantly.  The light oak wood and brass details add extra warmth.

"At first the idea of a ‘pink’ kitchen was scary, but actually it is quite neutral and sets the tone for the other materials"