Sarah & Paul / Blind Gekocht

Sarah and Paul were looking for a home with enough bedrooms, enough storage space and cosy living areas for each family member. With 5 children in the house, space is no luxury!

In terms of style...

Colour plays the leading role. Playful shades and materials create a lively, cheerful atmosphere. To make the house completely family proof, we first looked at the layout and made some structural adjustments.

On the upper floors...

Everyone will have their own space, we managed to create the 6 bedrooms Sarah & Paul wished for!


The bathroom...

The small bathroom was extended transformed into a spacious bathroom with shower and bathtub: not a luxury on busy mornings.



The open and spacious kitchen really becomes the heart of the house. The coloured cabinet walls provide a lot of extra storage space.


Talking about colour...

Striking colour surfaces bring some extra life to the brewery. In addition, they also provide visual separation between different zones.
The TV corner, the home office, the seating area, ... Each corner was given its own colour code. To finish it off, large plants provide some peace and quiet.

Check out the before & after of the project!


Get inspired by this look!

Kelly has made a selection of products and designers' paint in our collection that match this look

Colour Blocking