How to create an indoor jungle?

Never underestimate the power of plants. There is no denying that a home is way happier with a bit of greenery, which means that they aren’t just a piece of decor but a mood-booster. Whether it’s your home, apartment, shop, office or any other indoor space, you can easily create an indoor jungle with a variety of houseplants and the right accessories.
Do you want to know how? Here are some tips & tricks!

Key for success: Lighting

Consider the amount of light that you have available in your space, as it will help you choose the type of plants you will be using and not the other way around! You don’t want to force them to grow in conditions they don’t like. 

Tray side table S, Botanical Family

Planters & pots

In order for your plants to grow healthy and thrive, they will need the right home for their roots. Be sure to do your research about the type of planter they’ll need to be happy. For large plants or trees you may find it useful to use durable and lightweight pots to move them around with relative ease.

Left: Hourglass pot / Right: Collect planter SC69, Collect planter SC70, Collect planter SC71, Collect planter SC72

Mix & match

Be creative and choose plants with different shapes, foliage types, sizes and heights. Group them together on the floor, on shelves and/or window sills in order to recreate a jungle scene.

Left: Orb watering can, Shell pot, Plant box / Right: Plant box, Plant box round, Bau pot L

Think outside the box

Maximize your indoor space by using vertical spaces. Be creative and include hanging plant pots, shelving and/or accessories where more than just one plant at a time can be added.

Left: Speckle hanging pot L, Speckle hanging pot S / Right: String pocket

We love drama

In order to mimic a jungle feel in your home, try choosing plants with different heights. Add some real drama to your jungle by including plants such as a Citrus tree, a Parlor Palm or a Weeping fig. Floor plants are very effective in corners or in unusual spots such as behind a couch.

Wire planter base, Wire planter pot, Peek table lamp


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