B&B room / Blind Gekocht

The Chromatic Escape: Kelly's Radiant B&B Room Makeover

Unleash your senses in Kelly's B&B room makeover on "Blind Gekocht”! Prepare to be wowed as Bart and Kelly work their magic, transforming two rooms into stunning havens of style. Kelly's fearless use of colour leaves no corner untouched - get ready for a vibrant escape from the ordinary!

The moody atmosphere...

created with a palette of different shades of blue and gold accents, takes you on a journey to pure luxury and relaxation.

Right: Vista bedspread, Loop cushion mount / Left: Kona display table, Still carafe, Still glasses, Table stories

The soothing shades of blue and gold accents...

create reen harmony of colours and textures and add a touch of glamour.


The oasis of serenity and style...

allows you to escape the everyday hustle and bustle!


Check out the before & after of the project!