Debora & Harold

From Everyday to Getaway, Holiday Vibes at Home

Debora, Harold, and their son Scott had a simple dream: to come home to a place that instantly whisked them away on a holiday. That's where Kelly and her team stepped in. Their mission? Create a home that radiated vacation vibes, with full artistic freedom at their fingertips!

Situated in the heart of Pelt, in the serene landscapes of Limburg, the house boasted a spacious garden that borders the Dommel river—a nostalgic reminder of Debora's childhood. Now, it was time to weave magic and transform their abode into an enchanting retreat that would transport them from the everyday hustle and bustle.

"The design concept focuses on creating open spaces while defining different zones through the use of colour and materials. I am always looking for exciting combinations of materials, textures and colours to achieve a spacious and light feeling, but resulting in a surprising and harmonious whole."
– Kelly

The entrance hall...

is spacious yet inviting, thanks to its pink tiled floor that warmly welcomes you. The combination of the burgundy-red staircase railing and cloakroom cabinet adds a beautiful touch, with these colors echoed in the existing stained glass window.


When you step into the living area...

a sense of vacation instantly washes over you thanks to the light, wide, solid wooden parquet floor. It's an invitation to walk barefoot and truly unwind.

To enhance the spacious feel, we opened up the wall between the living room and library, creating a seamless flow. As you enter, you'll find a cozy library space with custom-made wall shelves, perfectly blending with the walls and ceiling in a soothing green shade that exudes tranquility and warmth. The eye-catching touch comes from the unexpected yet delightful pairing of the lilac sofa with the green hues and light flooring.

The custom TV unit beautifully integrates the same tiles used in the entrance hall, creating a cohesive and harmonious design element.


To further amplify the indoor-outdoor connection and flood the space with natural light and sunshine, we transformed the window leading to the outdoor patio. What was once three separate windows is now one expansive window, providing a breathtaking view and a seamless transition between the interior and exterior.

"The kitchen truly stands out as the gem of our home, capturing everyone's attention! It's the spot where I find pure joy and a constant source of happiness. Every time I step into it, a smile automatically graces my face."
– Debora

The kitchen...

is characterized by its striking dark red tiled floor, creating a bold foundation for the space. The cabinets have been designed with a combination of warm wood veneer and sleek white lacquer, blending natural elements with contemporary aesthetics. To enhance the overall aesthetic, we have incorporated a charming natural stone countertop, showcasing shades of red and pink. Completing the look is a backsplash with an appealing stainless steel appearance, adding a touch of freshness to the design.


On the upper floor...

we maintained continuity by extending the same solid light wood floor. For the bedrooms, we chose a sophisticated wood veneer headboard, which also serves as a handy shelf, making the space functional and stylish.

A dressing area is nestled between the master bedroom and bathroom. It boasts custom-designed green cabinets that offer both ample storage and a touch of elegance. A standout feature in the dressing area is the central dresser block, which serves as a captivating focal point with its eye-catching stainless steel-look finish.


The green bespoke cabinets seamlessly flow into the adjoining bathroom, creating a harmonious transition. The soothing green hue imbues the space with a sense of serenity, evoking a spa-like ambiance for relaxation. Commanding attention in the center of the room is a beautifully crafted rounded bathroom vanity, adorned with a brushed high-gloss lacquer and accentuated by sleek stainless steel faucets, adding a luxurious touch to the overall design.


Pictures by Hannelore Veelaert