Syl & Johan / Blind Gekocht

Bringing the Best of Both Worlds

The very first reveal in Blind Gekocht is a fact! And what a challenge it was to unite Johan and Syl's personalities in one home. Johan is a purebred nature lover, while Syl prefers to be in the urban jungle. But not to worry, they got the best of both worlds with a bold combination of outdoor living and modern comfort, wrapped in a stylish jacket.

One thing was central to the design of this home: the view of the garden. To maximize this, Kelly provided a seamless connection between inside and outside without sacrificing comfort and style. The kitchen, veranda and living room flow together harmoniously, creating a natural circulation in the house.

And to incorporate Johan and Syl's personalities into the design, warm materials and a dark wood floor were chosen in the dining room and living room. The result? A soothing and natural atmosphere, without compromising on modernity and style!


The Kitchen

By demolishing the wall between the kitchen and bathroom and installing a larger window in the rear facade, the view of the beautiful garden was optimized.

To create a warm and cozy atmosphere, Kelly chose warm materials. A terracotta-colored tile floor, a spacious cabinetry in light oak and a large island with sink and cooktop in a soft cashmere colour.

And that's not all: a floating tablet was installed by the window, perfect as an extra workstation with breathtaking views of the garden. This tablet extends to a cozy breakfast nook, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning sun.


The Bathroom

A peaceful oasis designed to induce a sense of relaxation and wellness. Kelly chose a modern yet warm aesthetic, highlighted by the champagne-colored fixtures. 

The strategically placed bathtub offers a stunning view of the surrounding greenery, creating a serene and natural atmosphere. Soft and soothing colors, along with the sleek built-in fixtures, lend a streamlined look to the space. The large walk-in shower and double vanity provide convenience for a family of four. To add a subtle pop of color, a green-speckled tile was used, bringing a touch of nature indoors.



The colour scheme of this project is a true oasis of warm and natural tones! In the hallway, a fresh mint green provides a nice contrast to the classic black and white tile floor


The kitchen exudes coziness through the sand-colored paint perfectly matched to the kitchen island.

The living room is warmed by a beautiful green colour that perfectly matches the natural floor.


And the bedrooms? They each received a personal touch: a cool camel color for Johan and Syl, a sophisticated lilac for Sam and a fresh green shade for Bes.


Check out the before & after of the project!