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Fragrances can really impact how we feel. They create the atmosphere in your home, they help you relax or invigorate you and they evoke particular memories.

Inside this box you will find everything you need to create just the right atmosphere in your home or office: a large Aroma Diffuser, two different bottles of pure essential oil and a Room Spray. Discover which fragrances have found their way into your box.

This is a collection based on the purest essential oils, to perfume every room with the scent of real plants, herbs and flowers. The collection now includes almost 30 fragrances.

We chose an Aroma Diffuser to vaporise the essential oils, along with natural Room Sprays. That’s better for the air quality in your house than burning scented candles, because burning wax and perfume isn’t necessarily the healthiest option. All this means that our home line fits perfectly with the RainPharma philosophy. 

Pure, natural fragrances turn a house into a home. Would you like to create the perfect atmosphere in one of your rooms? With an Aroma Diffuser, water and a couple of drops of essential oil you can create a continuous and long-lasting fragrance in your room. With a Room Spray, you can fill every room with a wonderful scent in an instant. The perfect way to turn your house into a charming home.

Dimensions of content:
1 x Aroma Diffuser 500 ml
2 x Essential Oil 30 ml (suprise)
1 x Room Spray 50 ml (suprise)

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