How to: tips for smart lighting

When it comes to lighting, there are many options! Built-in ceiling spots, table lamps, big pendant lights, .... all have their own qualities. How can you create an ideal lighting atmosphere in your home? What should you think about when deciding on lamps? And what kind of lights are suited for your home? We’re here to help!

SPACE: where will you hang your lamp?

First, you need to analyse the room you’re working in. A kitchen with big windows needs a different type of light than a cosy bedroom, and a hallway has different lighting needs than a bathroom. You also have to think about the dimensions of the room: a smaller room has very different lighting needs than a big open space.


PURPOSE: what does the lamp have to do?

Illuminating an entire room, or simply adding a lighting source in a corner: a different purpose asks for a different approach. Play with different heights and angles to light up a large space. You can also group lamps together or line them up in a row for more illuminating power. Lamps and lighting also play a big role in dividing spaces, establishing different zones in one space. Adding a statement piece above your dining table really defines it as its own space, while adding a standing lamp next to a chair or sofa also turns it into its own cosy corner.

LOOKS: what style of lamp do you want?

Select luminaires that fit with your style. Even when switched off, a lamp can have a big impact, or blend in seamlessly. Go for bold and have it stand out, or keep it simple and pick a luminaire that is hardly visible. The type of lamp you choose has a big impact: the difference between a line of built-in spots above the counter top, or a line of hanging pendants is huge in terms of mood, style and overall atmosphere. Up to you to decide which vibe you’re going for!


QUALITY: which vibe do you want to create?

Last but not least, you need to think about the quality of the light. An office where you sit many hours a day needs brighter lighting than a bed night lamp. Do you want the light to be dimmable or not? If you have different lamps in one room, you can play with intensity (lumen) and character (direct or indirect light) to create different moods. And don’t forget to think about shadows and reflections! Test out a few different places and bulbs, before you make a final decision.


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